Rakkatakka, Motherfucker! #MusicFriday

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Do you like Glee?
Do you like bands such as Blind Guardian, Manowar, Metallica, Iron Maiden and Nightwish?
Then there’s a good chance you’ll like Van Canto too.

I discovered Van Canto randomly on YouTube, and their music is so fascinating, not to mention awesomely good, that I felt like sharing it with you on my blog.

No guitars

The guys (and girl) of Van Canto are from Germany, and play what they call “a cappella hero metal”. In stead of using real guitars, they try to emulate the sound with their voices. The band is signed to Napalm Records and are going on tour with Blind Guardian in Germany in November.

Van Canto is:

  • Dennis Schunke – lead vocals
  • Inga Scharf – lead vocals
  • Stefan Schmidt – lower “rakkatakka” vocals and “wahwah solo guitar” vocals
  • Ross Thompson – higher “rakkatakka” vocals
  • Ingo Sterzinger – bass vocals
  • Bastian Emig – drums

In case you’re curious about how they do it, here’s a video of Stefan explaining it:

See more?

You can find more videos on their official YouTube channel.

Listen to Van Canto in Spotify.

If you like their music, you should go “like” their Facebook fanpage.

You can buy their cd’s or mp3’s at  Play.com and Amazon.com.

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Web Zeroes to End After 25th Episode, A Sad Day in Web Television

Next Wednesday (US time) will be a sad day for fans of web television, as Smooth Few Films’ Web Zeroes comes to an end.

In 2009 the show was picked up for distribution by Revision3 for its second season, becoming the first fictional show on the network, and increasing their viewership drastically. However, with today’s (Wednesday US time) release of episode 24: “Adverse Effects”, Smooth Few Films announced that the series will end after it’s 25th episode.

According to Eddy Rivas at Smooth Few Films, it was entirely their own decision:

“We’ve known that’s how it was going to be for a month or so now, but couldn’t really talk about it until the release of this episode. I wish we could have told you guys sooner, but that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. I think it’s important to note that ending the show is our decision, mostly because it has just been too exhausting to do the show as a part time job in addition to our day jobs.”

Already somewhat known among gamers for their machinima series about counter-terrorists, Leet World, Smooth Few Films made Web Zeroes a believable, and genuinely funny show.

A must-see for gamers and nerds who also happen to like comedy.

I’m sure going to miss the show.

[source: SmoothFewFilms.com]