Impressive, young jedi.

Impressive, indeed..

…Because that’s not the real Jared Leto.
In fact, it’s not even a dude! Her name is Helena, she’s from Russia, and just happens to like cosplaying as Jared Leto.

Here’s how she did it:

I found this girl’s video because MachinimaETC posted it on Facebook. She’s apparently really into cosplay. In addition to her YouTube channel, “selfOblivion“, she has a deviantART profile where she posts her cosplay and stuff.

I’m not really into cosplay, nor am I especially into Jared Leto, even though I like his music and I’ve seen him in a film or two. But this was just so awesome I had to share it. There are some people out there who are really skilled with make-up and make-up effects. Maybe I should write some more about that another time.