TPB AFK er ute nå!

Som jeg skrev på onsdag, er TPB AFK ute til gratis nedlasting bl.a. på The Pirate Bay nå.

Du kan laste den ned via disse lenkene:
480p h.264
720p h.264
1080p h.264

Limer også inn embed-koden til filmen, så du kan se den her:


Impressive, young jedi.

Impressive, indeed..

…Because that’s not the real Jared Leto.
In fact, it’s not even a dude! Her name is Helena, she’s from Russia, and just happens to like cosplaying as Jared Leto.

Here’s how she did it:

I found this girl’s video because MachinimaETC posted it on Facebook. She’s apparently really into cosplay. In addition to her YouTube channel, “selfOblivion“, she has a deviantART profile where she posts her cosplay and stuff.

I’m not really into cosplay, nor am I especially into Jared Leto, even though I like his music and I’ve seen him in a film or two. But this was just so awesome I had to share it. There are some people out there who are really skilled with make-up and make-up effects. Maybe I should write some more about that another time.