Steampunk nazis in high heels?

If you enjoy steampunk inspired, sexualish imagery featuring Lady Gaga in a latex nun uniform and a bunch of half naked, nazi guys with bowl cuts, in high heels, this video is for you. …and the other 31,592,147* people who saw it on YouTube.

I’m not going to lie. I sometimes like a little sexualish imagery. And Lady Gaga. And steampunk nazis can be interesting. But I usually view such things separately. I liked the video. Don’t get me wrong, but I don’t really feel this video fits the music or the lyrics all too well.

What do you think?

I kind of liked it. And it’s weird enough for me to share it with you on the blog, so that means something meaningful, I guess. Or not.
Oh, and I only saw it today, thanks to this GradualReport video. You should go watch it. It’s sort of fun. But mostly weird.

(*Current number at the time of writing this post.)

-Do you like ginger ale?

2 thoughts on “Steampunk nazis in high heels?

  1. hey
    i continue to ask this question of anyone willing to discuss it- is there a difference between art and entertainment? lady gaga’s stuff makes me ask this question more vehemently than ever. i find the visuals disturbing yet compelling even if the lyrics are vapid and the music predictable. is she presenting us with a deep meaningful message that i am too stupid to understand? or is she going for a new form of sensationalism to rack up the video views, cd sales, itunes downloads, and the resulting profits?

    • I think Lady Gaga is a wonderful artist, and a great break from all the auto-tune and sex. Granted, she is provocative, but she also writes her own music and lyrics, and even makes some of her outrageous costumes herself. I think that makes up for any sensationalism. But I don’t think she necessarily does it for the views. It’s just a convenient bi-product of being a crazy artist. I consider it art even though some of it is vulgar. Art isn’t supposed to be pleasant. It’s supposed to provoke emotional response. And that she does. So in summary, yes. I consider her work art.

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