Carbon Based Lifeforms

I just discovered this band (band?) the other day, and I’m seriously impressed. Their newest album, Twentythree, was featured under “What’s New” in Spotify, and I loved it.
I think you should check them out.

Here’s one of my favourites on Twentythree:

And a track from Interloper:


Official website
Myspace (does anyone still use Myspace?)

Download their music on Bandcamp

If you’re an idiot and you don’t like Bandcamp, you can get it on and They’re probably available in iTunes, too.

PS: You might be wondering why this post is tagged with #MusicFriday, when I’m posting it on a Sunday. Well, it’s a joke.

Rakkatakka, Motherfucker! #MusicFriday

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Do you like Glee?
Do you like bands such as Blind Guardian, Manowar, Metallica, Iron Maiden and Nightwish?
Then there’s a good chance you’ll like Van Canto too.

I discovered Van Canto randomly on YouTube, and their music is so fascinating, not to mention awesomely good, that I felt like sharing it with you on my blog.

No guitars

The guys (and girl) of Van Canto are from Germany, and play what they call “a cappella hero metal”. In stead of using real guitars, they try to emulate the sound with their voices. The band is signed to Napalm Records and are going on tour with Blind Guardian in Germany in November.

Van Canto is:

  • Dennis Schunke – lead vocals
  • Inga Scharf – lead vocals
  • Stefan Schmidt – lower “rakkatakka” vocals and “wahwah solo guitar” vocals
  • Ross Thompson – higher “rakkatakka” vocals
  • Ingo Sterzinger – bass vocals
  • Bastian Emig – drums

In case you’re curious about how they do it, here’s a video of Stefan explaining it:

See more?

You can find more videos on their official YouTube channel.

Listen to Van Canto in Spotify.

If you like their music, you should go “like” their Facebook fanpage.

You can buy their cd’s or mp3’s at and

What do you think? Leave a comment. :-)

“Is there anything you can’t do with Lego?” – #MusicFriday vol. 1 (One day late because apparently I’m dumb edition)

“Is there anything you can’t do with Lego?”

That’s what @hmork asked the Twitterverse, with a link to this video:

This awesome band from Sweden is called Rymdlegage.

You can listen to their music on Spotify, and watch their videos on YouTube. Or go to their website to read more about them, and see all the places you can get their music.

What is #MusicFriday?

As you can probably tell from the title of this post, I’m starting a new weekly “thing” on my blog. I called it #MusicFriday, and as you might have guessed, it’s a play on #musicmonday and #followfriday.
In case you are unfamiliar with these concepts, I’ll explain briefly. A hashtag is a searchable tag used on Twitter, and somehow these two hashtags grew into worldwide, weekly trends.
#MusicMonday is, as the name suggests, to promote music you like. #FollowFriday is for promoting the people you follow on Twitter.

With #MusicFriday, I plan to share some of the music I discover, and music I’ve loved for years.

If you want to suggest some music, you can leave a comment here, or my Twitter: @nannirk

So, as I’m sitting here, on a friday saturday night, with a glass of brown liquid in my hand, I have but one question for you.

Do YOU like ginger ale?


Mr Troll: “But it’s not friday, in fact, today is saturday!”

Well mr Troll, I totally made this mistake on purpose. Of course I didn’t REALLY think this was friday… What, you don’t believe me? It was intentional, I tell ya! Intentional!