#MusicSaturday – Sick of Sarah

The other day I saw on Twitter that Clearbits had released a BitTorrent edition of Sick of Sarah‘s new album, “2205”.

I’d never heard of them, but I thought, an indie band, backed by a “real” label, releasing via BitTorrent.. Could be interesting. So I downloaded it.

I just installed Ubuntu on my laptop today, and decided to listen to the album while tinkering with settings and apps, and guess what? The album is really good, so you should go download it now.

This is one of my favourites.

If you like it, you should let them know by stalking following them on Twitter, or by posting on their Facebook wall.

Oh, and for all the feminists and perverts out there, Sick of Sarah is an all girls band, so that’s another reason you’ll like them, I guess.

Yes, #MusicSaturday is a thing.
Because I said so!

Ok, so it’s not a thing. But it’s free music, so shut it!